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The empire would win by escaping after blowing the tower, and the republic by keeping them from escaping or reaching the reactor for a certain amount of time. As for the lore, setle would esape, but the senate would be killed or taken as POWs. It would end, ethier way, with the empire players gaining codex entrys and satles saber (witch would be bound to its new owner), and the republic massivly demorilitized. Also, this might be a way to earn a player home as ive suggested in the past.
In the operatoin versoin, the victors would recive normal comm/exp rewards, but the winners of the first 500 to 5000 matches would gain an exculsive title and codex entry commenerating there loalty to there fractoin.
Yes... that would work PERFECTLY.
Reps have been crying their hearts out about how devs like empire more than them since the very first day... in an MMO with 4 (x2) mirror classes ...where you visit the same planets and do pretty much the same stuff either way...
but yes, having the republic massively demoralised (or whatever you mean by that word that doesn't exist) is an idea that Reps will definitely love and will go down with no qqers.