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The chancellor said, Kill me, And see how many will be after you. I dare you. The chancellor stood there looking at the man. I hope you know that you and the rest of the true mandalorians will have to fight the republic and the mandalorians.
You truly do not understand, us. Lucky for you I don`t want you deadWith that he slapped the chancellor, with with back of his axe. Then one his men came upto him Mandalore, we done what we need, time to go. Good, time to go He then looked at the chancellor, and gave him a kick while he was down.Then said I will see you, around. Then mandalore and his men started to go. Their destination the local starport, all ships where already taken by them. As they moved the, the locals tried to fight back with local security force. Though they where no match, for trained warriors of the mandalorians.
Soon as they got their they set off for his, new territory dantooine.