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Who is to say? Perhaps you didn't pay attention when you played the game. Lord Razer informed the Cipher 9 of Dark Council's decision to fully dissolve the Imperial Intelligence and that the personnel will be reassigned to combat units. (Click here to refresh your memory)

(This is also a reply to Temeluchus) I have never argued that the reorganization and name change was not common in history because it was quite common among the agencies. I wouldn't mind reorganization / name change in SWTOR (but then again that is not what Star Cabal wanted). I was arguing about the stupidity of the completed dissolution as it is done in SWTOR. To break down the priceless infrastructure and network of spies and reassign expert personnel and agents to combat units, well that is beyond ludicruos. When I was playing this particular part and when Sith said the Imperial Intelligence is dissolved I was like "You can't be serious..." but when he said the agents are to be reassigned to combat units I started laughing because that was the single most dumb thing I have seen in SWTOR so far.
I'll have to refresh my memory on the IA storyline since it has been a bit since leveling my Op and Sniper but isn't the combat unit reassignment considered temporary?

I could have sworn Imperial intelligence was in the process of being reconstituted into a new Intelligence arm, this time under direct control of the Sith, that the IA would be put in charge of. Perhaps that was wishful thinking on my part and possibly some of my own personal canon and thoughts about future direction of the story.

I agree with you that the dissolution was idiotic just disagree with you that it couldn't be believably done in the way it was written
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