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2 Carnage Mara's actually is my favourite dps set up for that droid, don't know why everyone thought it was harder on melee- mara's cut through that thing like a lightsaber through butter.
I agree with proper melee DPS that robot goes down in like 10 secs. Also the mDPS can help tank disrupting incinerate, so you never even miss it. I really dont understand those tanks quitting pug if they see mDPS in it. Especially after nerf, its even less understandable.They are a disgrace to all tanks in this game.

And recently for example, I joined a pug via GF that was stuck at LR-5 since their second rDPS obviously gave up after a couple of tries. The first thing I see in group chat on joining: "Oh God, this is gonna be a nightmare!" LOL I was like: Nah, dont worry, now youre gonna witness the unlimited power of mDPS. Turned out tank barely ever disrupted incinerate in time and that other DPS obviously had some other much more pressing concerns. So I did it for him and we were just fine.

Its incredible that after thousands of threads, guides and youtube videos minutely depicting the fight, ppl still fail to understand very basic mechanics. Seriously, is it so hard to keybind disruption? I bound it on the 3 ever since I dueled the first Sorc
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Panda ??? who is this Panda U speak of Carl.