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Just be aware that some unlocks are for individual characters and other unlocks are for all characters, like the email on the ship deal will be on all ships in legacy, but XP boosts for Discovery/Class missions/Flashpoints etc... are individual and will need to be bought on a per toon basis, I think those are particularly useful, early on especially. Once you've made one toon to 50th I think it would be nice to have the road to 50th quicker, less grindy, and will let you enjoy the storyline more. Just be sure to pick what you want carefully so you're not wasting credits, for instance I don't do Flashpoints/PvP so I haven't and don't intend to invest in getting the xp boost for those anytime soon, I'll do it eventually but it's not high priority.

Think of your first alt having a speeder at level 10. With a Jedi Knight that translates, at least for me, into having it while still on Tython. Makes for the level 10-25 running around missions so much easier.
Roll your alts first, make the mistakes that teach you lessons, then roll your main and enjoy the ride.