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Zero and mean had arrived on balmora, and were laying outside the factory out of sight, guided by a helpful local, who was now a bit richer

"Ok, see those droids? I plan to use those for a distraction. here is what I plan" Zero whispered for a minute to mean, him nodding, and he hit his stealth belt. Zero reached for her holopad, hacking one of the nearby droids. she had a 30 second window before any alarms would be set off.Mean snuck up, and quickly uploaded a virus to it, sneaking away as Zero stped the hack, and the droid continued the patrol. Mean returned

"Ok, these droids make periodic check in's at a central hub. when the droid next checks in, it will upload the virus to every droid in the factory, and after it is spead, it wil deleate all targating paramaters, causing every droid to shoot anyone near it. that is our window to strike."

the two sat there, waiting for the virus to work