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Isaac (Sith Marauder) - Cheers for a normal name. i was one of the first players of the game so I had a lot of options, and so I decided to give this guy a normal name.

Skradin (Mercenary) - Something I completely made up on my own.

Washington (Operative) - Named after Agent Washington from Red vs. Blue

Aloiysius (Assassin) - Modification of Aloysius Kallig

Gorothul (Sorcerer) - Named after Gorothul in Lord of the Rings: Online

Rapter (Gunslinger) - Love this name. Was giddy as heck when I found it was available

Ardun (Jedi Guardian) - Named after the character in the Agent's story, Arden Kothe (Or however you spell the guy's name)

Jarude (Vanguard) - Something I made up

Aerios (Powertech) - Again, something I made up

Director, now Monthai (Sniper) - Originally Director, but I lost that name when servers merged . Original name is from the Director in Red vs. Blue, whose real name is Leonard Church. Ironically, the AI based on him is a horrible sniper

Sleeves (Commando) - I got nothing

I have too many characters for my own good!
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