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Remy Vasir-Jedi Shadow-Zabrak: Originally made this name up for a story I wrote about one of my old SWG characters. I chose Vasir as the lastname because of the Asari SPECTRE in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for ME2. Remy just seemed a good first name to go along with Vasir.

Anso Vasir-Juggernaught-Zabrak: Anso is the name of a Dwarf in Dragon Age 2. Gave him the Vasir lastname because Remy is his twin sister.

Hitomi-Guardian-Mirialan: Hitomi is my favorite fighter from the Dead or Alive games. Love the name so I used it here.

Tallisabeth-Scoundrel-Mirialan: Hitomi's older sister. Came across this name first in the Star Wars novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous.

Izayoi-Commando-Human: A Japanese name that I love. I used it in SWG for one of my 6 toons there. The only name I carried over from SWG.

Ash'abel'lanan-Sorceror-Twi'lek: Slightly altered name from DA2, Ash'abel'lanar. The name the Dallish give to Flemeth, The Witch of the Wilds.

Eryn'Jayde-Sniper-Chiss: Came up with this name for another story I wrote, decided to use it here.

Settatt-Powetech-Rattattaki: Name generator.

Nyx'ceris-Twi'lek-Marauder: Slightly altered version of Nyxeris, Asari secretary of Liara T'Soni in ME2.