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I understand your frustrations OP, but you won't get an answer.

Rage Juggs were balanced in 1.2 (actually I think they were stronger than buncha classes at that point); I had guild mates that even back then with the slower animation and worse resource management would top the charts every game and 1v1 pretty much anyone at that point. This is again catering to the less skilled part of the population, however it made the class god like for the good players, with pretty much no way to counter them.

For months people cried how powerful Rage was, and pretty much the only argument against it was always -- well, the animation is slow, you can always knock back, or stun or pop a defensive cooldown. Well, now you can't even do that.

And don't expect a reply. This crowd, most of us, are really unhappy and can be pretty negative and for a very good reason. Any explanation a dev gave would be flamed and would be poorly received by many. That's why devs have nowhere to post, these are their forums and they are too afraid to ever use them, sadly.

They will most probably stick their heads into the ground, hope the danger will go away, and when they resurface another quarter million of us will be gone.
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