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10.08.2012 , 12:45 PM | #184
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You people are hopeless. Development folks aren't there to make you happy. In its current circumstances, BioWare is assessing what will keep SWTOR going, and selling armor shells is likely one of many ways to do so.

Assuming what you are looking for is in boxes before the cash shop is even launched is a poor attitude, not to mentioned a misinformed one.
And I thought business wants its customers to be happy.

Also, If you feel like you know what will keep SWTOR going maybe you should apply for the recently announced "monetization specialist" position.

I just hate to break it for you but the cash shop will not fund anything else than EA bonuses and shareholder dividends. EA are greedy bastards. They cut the costs to the minimum. They gave up on the game long time ago.

And I don't care anymore. I learned to take this game for what it is and most likely will abandon it once I'm done with TfB. What upsets me and what I'm tired of are the stupid PR spins and hypocrisy going on since as long as I can remember.