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10.08.2012 , 12:45 PM | #6
Afaik only belts and bracers were released for crafters and two recolours of existing chestpieces for End of Torvix. That's apart from legacy sets.

And legacy sets, sporting hood up for the Jedi and amazingly ugly, World of Warcraft-like shoulder guards. That's not what a Jedi would wear. Only class I am satisfied with, considering the Legacy gear, is Smuggler (black gunslinger's armor 0_o) and Warrior (capeless Malgus' armor).

If anyone cares and can be bothered to help in the compilation - I'll appreciate. I am satisfied with the looks of non-Force using classes and it's the Jedi who is really bothering me. I tried starting with Guardian twice. I dropped it at level 30 first, second time at level 18. I just cannot continue playing a Jedi that looks like a medieval monk at all times.