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I was thinking of starting a Sith character actually, and RPing with him.

Have him be a kind, yet sarcastic guy who pursued the path of Sith in order to express himself freely without the rules and structure of the Jedi Order. Such as witty comments, romance, and the freedom of power.

Good idea? Bad idea? Would this sort of character be welcomed in the Sith RP environment?

EDIT: Basically, he wouldn't be a dick. Just witty and sarcastic, yet kind-natured when things get serious
You would have to be a little careful with the sarcasm/wittiness, I think, because Sith are still expected to act a certain way in public and around other Sith. If you're able to blend that with the proper composure that Sith Lords are expected to have then I'd say go for it.

Also, I wouldn't play him as having chosen to be a Sith, because that's not something that happens. All Force-sensitive people in the Empire are forced to become Sith, no matter their origins. Nobody ever really gets a choice between being a Sith or a Jedi, it's whoever gets to you first.

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