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No. You're the one that is missing the point. And that point is that there are certain armor appearances already existing in the game that a lot of us have been wanting custom versions of, but they don't currently exist in the game in custom form. The devs asked everyone to list the armor they wanted custom versions of in a thread on this forum and said they would see about adding those custom versions to the game. Now we're being told that, yes, they are adding the custom versions we asked for but the only way for us to get them is to purchase a gambling box for a random chance. This has absolutely nothing to do with simply finding a unique look. It has everything to do with getting the specific items we have been searching for without having to gamble real money for them. It has everything to do with us telling the devs what would make us happy and the devs, once again, screwing the pooch and alienating more of us with their misguided gambling scheme.

If you are really interested in keeping players from leaving this game, do you really think belittling their complaints is helpful in that regard?
You people are hopeless. Development folks aren't there to make you happy. In its current circumstances, BioWare is assessing what will keep SWTOR going, and selling armor shells is likely one of many ways to do so.

Assuming what you are looking for is in boxes before the cash shop is even launched is a poor attitude, not to mentioned a misinformed one.