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I didn't bother to read too much into your babble but apparently you like paying for the cash shop items before cash shop is even live while EA is laughing in your face: "we intend but not this time because we didn't intend for this time". I suggest you find the EA account number and start making some additional transfers so they can put even more stuff tn those gambling boxes.

While you are doing that i'd still like to get my money's worth.
I don't plan on purchasing anything in the cash shop, and customized characters with various armor sets currently in the game. With a little creativity, there is plenty already in SWTOR to work with.

My point was other folks may wish to purchase things in the cash shop and this will fund SWTOR and perhaps even allow for its expansion, something that isn't possible with the current subscription model.

You don't have to buy anything in the boxes, that is the point many others on this thread have also made. Why you're still so upset about this is beyond any reason. BioWare has already stated it is some NPC and Beta armor that didn't make it into the game that is going into the boxes, and other armor shells will be available for direct purchase.

People who purchase the boxes either have no self control, i.e. are addicted to a video game and have problems, or have money to throw around on digital clothing, ponies, and who knows what else. If revenue from especially the latter funds SWTOR's future development, I think it's a perfectly legitimate supplement to the subscription model. I hope the former category of folks recognize they have a problem and get help.

Edit: $15 isn't what it was ten years ago. It's called inflation. You are already getting way more than your money is worth.