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I doubt an overhaul of the commando/merc AC is forthcoming. It doesn't just need a buff to be equal in terms of PvP utility, it needs a few new abilities wholesale - something that makes it a tactically relevant piece to have on the board, and that at the very least makes it as challenging to kill as any other dps class.

Combat Medic is a different story, but they still have no viable escape mechanic and your best gamble is to just cc and heal yourself for as long as your ammo lasts until help arrives (unfortunately you're stuck standing still while you do this - in between Kolto bombs you can't heal and keep LoS'ing at the same time - Trauma probe helps a little here but it is underwhelming).

So more often than not you just have to accept that every mission is a suicide mission and try to have fun. You might be surprised how many objectives you can win once you accept that at some point everyone is going to get facerolled by someone else in this game. I still like the look & feel of the commando AC, enjoy PvE and the storyline, and know the AC well enough (I have 2) that I can take down a button-mashing jugg or mara, and can typically make it a close fight against a skilled one. But yeah, even though I make them work for it, I'm pretty much a free kill for skilled/geared warrior and (this is a little harder to take) a free kill for a mediocre easy-mode cookie-cutter Pyro Powertech. A good operative can burn me down just by gaming the resolve system (if they do it right my resolve will only fill up just in time for the coup de grāce).

Playing a FotM AC will show you that more than just an interrupt was overlooked in the initial design of the commando/merc. And now that everyone knows it, commandos get focused even before the healers and the ball carriers, making the disadvantage seem even worse. There's no reason not to. Commandos need something is their arsenal to make them fearsome again, so that FotM players who want to focus commandos/mercs for kicks each time they respawn at least know that it's going to take some effort on their part.
Agreed. The merc AC needs a huge over pvp that is. And there in lies the problem. Remember my fellow pvpers that this game is a PVE game first. So PVE takes first priority and because Mercs are perfectly balanced in a PVE environment I seriously doubt EA/BW is planning on making any changes any time soon. So if that's the case, if you havent done so already, then I recommend becoming a FOTM reroller to a class that is both pve/pvp viable like a Vanguard/Sentinel/Operative and so forth.
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