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Merc is TERRIBLE in PvP...QUOTE]

Somebody just hit 50 WZ's lol. Nothing new here. Same ole **** just a different day.

Also, the two most *****ed about classes are ranged classes that have alot of their main attacks with channel and activation times. Those classes would be merc and sorc. If they made those two classes more mobile by removing activation time on maybe 1 main attack then the class would be overpowered. For example, take a pyro merc. You already have two nades and railshot with instacast. This makes you pretty mobile but damage is not great. You have to stop to Unload. Arsenal mercs are screwed because of the activation times on Tracers. If they took powershot (I think that's what I remember it was called) and made it instant cast the class would be a kiting nightmare. All ranged classes have their abilities designed to make them stop. IMO the best way to fix merc would be to adjust powershot so that it still needs an activation time but can be used on the run.
It would be crazy wouldn't it? We can't have Merc/Commandos killing melees, it would be almost as crazy as giving melees an instant cast attack with a guaranteed crit chance that can hit for 6k on multiple targets and can be repeated in about 5 seconds, oh and let's give them TWO closers and a snare that reduces movement progressively to 90% just so nobody can possibly kite them. Now THAT would be crazy OP wouldn't it? good thing BW isn't stupid enough to make such a change...