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Our best chance to "counter" them is to keep our distance from each other to prevent massive damage. Obviously this is not an ideal solution, and some will argue not a solution at all, but it's the only realistic thing I can see us doing to limit the damage output of Rage/Focus.
Yea, the single-target burst is still impressive, but when I'm healing a warzone, the LAST thing I want to see is 3-4 guys getting swept for 5k+ simultaneously. Not only is it a lot of damage to have to heal all at once, but it's difficult to tell who the actual target is who may be about to be targeted by the other team. So, sometimes I heal up one of those guys only to immediately lose another.

Aside from just saying they could put the whole spec back to pre-1.4, I think the biggest thing they should do is just change the animation back. Putting the animation back won't change the functionality for PvE encounters, since enemies won't react and knock you back, but it DOES even the playing field quite a bit in PvP (and it seems like it's only really a problem in PvP right now - no one's complaining about Focus being OP in PvE).
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