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I like this thread! It's fun to get away from the whining in the PvP forum once in a while. First off, an idea that stood out to me was that of having a pet class. Sure there are already companions, but it would create another dynamic to have an additional pet running around with a player + companion.

Second, things that I would like to see include more weapon choices based on the spec you run. So lets say, for instance, you create a droid class with just 1 AC, for simplicity. It consists of a tank tree, damage tree, and healing tree. In the tank tree, you use any non-lightsaber based melee-ranged weapon; in the damage tree, any 30m range weapon; and in the healing tree, a new group of mainhand short range weapons (10m) like scatterguns or some such. Maybe for the other AC you could mix up the distribution of these weapons, but have the three role trees covered similarly.

As a caveat to this discussion, it sure is fun to wish what could be done to this game, but I'm just hoping that it lives to fight another day. Hopefully if they make an expansion with new classes and such, they'll be innovative, allow for customization, and stay true to the story-driven style of play that has kept us around until now.
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