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10.08.2012 , 10:34 AM | #5
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1. backpedalling
2. you cast Crushing darkness? use instead proc Wrath and its instant ... prolly bad build?
3. i never seen you used extrication in huttball
4. deathfield casted out of range where is no1
5. more force speed, its 20 secs CD
6. move more often camera view, you got attacked from behind ...

1.cmon man. nitpick much? backpeddal can be useful in certain situations. Its not a you backpeddal you fail thing...ffs.
2.yeah hard cast crsuh is 1.5 secs better spent on FL to proc.
3.hes 28... doesnt have extrication yet.
4. it happens.
5. true enough, but saving it for emergency use instead of just using on cooldown makes sense too. He didnt need it to reposition many times, he was in good enough spots.
6. good advice.

overall this gameplay is nothing to be ashamed of at all. Theres always room for improvement, but Id be happy if this guy was on my team, he clearly "gets it".
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