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Really? when it comes to my LS Inquisitor. (at least from a RP perspective) those Light side choices that cause harm to the empire are entirely INTENTIONAL!

You see My inquisitor has no real loyalty to the empire which is a realization that is actually supported by one of her earlier dialogue pieces. (prove myself or die) She HATES them and why wouldn't she? all evidence points to the idea that if this were an ideal world, she would be off enjoying her new found freedom. not serving the whims of the people who are responsible for her original status as a slave in the first place! (any further elaboration on that point would be a spoiler)

which ties into her comment to Andronikos that she would rather be a pirate then a sith.

Therefore it makes worlds of sense that while she accomplishes whatever tasks she is assigned, she completes them on HER OWN terms. and if in doing so her actions cause harm to the empire? Well She does not care, nay she takes PLEASURE in the knowledge that she is in the long run, doing for the empire more HARM then good!