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Look, I'm not ragging on Guard/Jugg tanks. I love 'em, they rock. I'm just saying their PvE utility is lacking.

I would LOVE some other examples of using friendly leap in boss encounters (trash should not be causing issues). I'm always worried about pulling the boss out of position with it.

The Kephess example is lost on me. I only saw this encounter once before we all went to bed and it was a major CF.
Re-positioning Toth and Zorn. Threat reduction on DPS that pulls quite a bit of aggro during virtually any fight (use mostly if the Guardian/ Jugg is the off-tank for that particular phase).

But yes, this is marginally useful. Just like Combat Stealth is marginally useful for Shadows (I use it mostly to reset the limit on my med-pac mostly, or as a ninja rez.)
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