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Like a few times, I met a Mirialan Sith inquisitor. His RP was that he was 16 and the galaxy's most powerful Sith telepath, he was also a slave. He godmods, screams OOCly and stalks people in whispers saying he's using telepathy. The guy would spam non stop, no matter how many times you asked him OOCly not to. Another person is a player and half of this was told to me by like 20+ players that I respect, and to get people to know, most of them ARE sith. This player supposedly used a Sith ritual to make himself Immortal like the Emperor and godmods saying he's immortal, this I've heard of and seen this godmodding personally. He forces himself on women ICly and if they don't fully type it out with him he sets them on ignore and says that they are dead ICly. He also has hissy fits OOCly. He was grouping up with people for some RP. He was half way across the galaxy and was demanding one of his guild's officers meet up with him even though the officer came on time to the place and the player was late. He questioned him and the player removed him from the guild. Some members got sick of his OOC behavior so they left the guild. Because he is prone to hissy fits he has put a IC bounty on them because he was angered OOC. This guy obviously has a superiority complex. I'm trying to leave the guild, but he would just send people after me, even if I retconned all our RP to get rid of it.

I will not name names out of respect and not wanting everyone to hound them.
Because of the bolded part, I think he needs to be severely shamed publicly.

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