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10.08.2012 , 09:19 AM | #4
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1. backpedalling
2. you cast Crushing darkness? use instead proc Wrath and its instant ... prolly bad build?
3. i never seen you used extrication in huttball
4. deathfield casted out of range where is no1
5. more force speed, its 20 secs CD
6. move more often camera view, you got attacked from behind ...

1: Everyone backpeddels sometimes, its not like i did it all the time
2: The CD at the start was due to me mistakenly thinking i had the proc and when i realised i didnt, i went with it anyway
3: Excrication is not a skill you get at lvl 26, L2P
4: /facepalm what?
5: I rather save it for when its needed instead of needing it when its not ready
6: Ill grant you that, i did get attacked from behind at some point

Told my guildie i would get a troll to post and i guess i was right :P