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Ok AMR have now updated the profiler to allow modable OH. However they have bound the Force Power into the shell instead of the armoring like it is on live. This means that for the purpose of my many simulations, it was necessary to use the dreadguard shell to show the correct force power.

AMR also has both the Elite WH relic and the dreaguard dark radience relic. 1 each of these relic's previous tiers were BiS for hybrid, as per hattersons post.
However, it would seem that the dread guard proc relic coding is not being transfered to simcraft and causing a massive dps drop as if it wasn't there. A problem not seen with the campaign version.
Which means for now i adjusted my hybrid BiS list for only items currently live.

AMR Profile:

DPS: 1846.2 average over roughly 10 sims of the same import profile.

As you can see i did some reworking with the implants and earpeice and adjusted some mods and enhancements to accomodate. Overall i tried about 15 different combinations, all giving a dps readout within 10dps of the max.

1846.2 is the highest dps i've managed to get out of simcraft to the best of my ability