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10.08.2012 , 08:48 AM | #73
I'd like to hear an official response from BioWare on their design "vision" for Mercs in PvP.

Grouping in PvE is one thing, when Mercs have a tank who can hold aggro and keep targets at range. But when you look at the viability of other RDPS classes (Sorc/Sniper) in PvP, Mercs simply have no place. Both Sorc and Sniper have a variety of tools to keep targets at bay and/or escape from melee. All a Merc can do is delay the inevitable for a few more seconds.

The best suggestion I've seen to address the problem is a Jet Pack ability. Something that stuns, roots, or knocks down an enemy (possibly an AoE) and launches the Merc 30m away. It would be even better if Jet Pack had a controllable landing zone for the Merc, where he could select which direction to go.