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Dear OP,

Forget all the arguing in this post and play the way you want to play. Yes it's true that a DPS Op wont do as much damage as a Sent or Marauder will, but Ops can be very effective if you know how to play them properly. Since you have been a Guardian, you already at least have a basic understanding of fighting people from close range, which you will need if you plan on DPSing with an Op.

The one thing that gets a lot of people confused with the Op is that you cant just button mash and expect tons of damage, you really need to think ahead and try and plan things The one thing that is very underestimated in an Op is its ability to be flexible and very mobile, and knowing when to do certain things can make a huge difference. Give it a shot and go through the trees a bit to find which you like more and then stick with it. Ops are a great class, they just take a lot more time and effort to understand properly and that leads to more QQing than usual. Hope this helps!
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