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No one is trying to discredit your build. You might want to relax a bit on a build thread, especially when its not even your thread.

As to your dark maul spec, I still don't understand some of the points if you are taking dark charge why not put the points in so that overcharge saber heals you for 10% health? If you do great. If you don't fine. I find insulation to not be as valuable as chain shock and I use maul running dark charge.
Feels like you have not even read anything I actually wrote, your just looking at the spec and not understanding. If you really do have questions then actually read my post, then actually try the spec. It is quite obvious you have done neither.

As far as the Hollow talent that gives you a 10% heal, that is a nice talent and if you want to tweak the 23 points a bit to get you the talent it wont hurt much. As for me personally I use Overcharge Saber right off the get go, when I am 100% health and when I have roughly 60% damage mitigation through Dark Charge and Darkswell. So the heal isn't needed. I found when I ran a full Darkness build that I ended up saving Overcharge Saber as a defensive cooldown instead of an offensive one. As of right now my first 12 sec is 100% offense.