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10.08.2012 , 08:24 AM | #11
The LFG tool for operations is totally broken. If someone leaves or disconnects it's often hard to find a replacement via the queue and sometimes it just breaks the whole thing and you no longer are eligible for the comm box reward at the end.

You can't add anyone outside of the queue either. We lost someone in a LFG operation and I couldn't get my guildy to join.

Worst, if a boss is dead in the operation it's really hard to find a replacement. We were missing 2 dps on another failed fun (because 2 people up and left). We got one guildy to come so he queue'd as dps. He got another person in general to queue as dps. Guess what happened? Nothing! It wouldn't fill us up. That makes 0 sense Bioware. 0 sense. What's the point of finding replacements if we're missing 2 dps and there are 2 dps queue'd and neither one is locked out of SM KP?

Lastly, the pool in LFG's can be very, very small because BW fails to recognize the importance of Cross-Server options in LFG and Warzones. They try to mask it behind "well, you lose accountability if you never see that person again", but that's a really weak excuse.

In the end, 3 failed runs because someone would drop part of the way through and we couldn't get a replacement for all of the reasons above. Honestly Bioware, you fail at this. L2code properly. Maybe ask the people at Trion who worked on Rift how to do the job right.

For now, I'm done queue'ing for Bioware's failed excuse for a LFR tool.