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This entire thread is just lulz.

"I can't kill him, he must be hacking."
I clearly stated that it was not the fact that I couldn't kill him, but rather the fact that he was constantly only using his instant heal the entire warzone. The sage healer was barely even healing. I should have posted the stats I guess. I know that it is extremely hard to kill op/scoundrel healers. I know because I tank with one and need at least 3 to 4 Dps to bring us down. Again this isn't what I was complaining about. His upper hand refreshes after every heal and he is constantly using the instant heal. I never said omg he hacks because I can't kill him. I have just never have seen that class only use instant heal to everyone constantly. He had over 730k heals from his AoE and instant casting. I interrupted every cast that I could but he rarely casted anything. So basically he was healing without the possibility of ever being stopped. That sage didn't even get 350k heals. I think barely even broke 300k.
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