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1. You can't steal, you roll for it. Unless the group leader has set it to Master Looter.

2. No, the areas stay the same. So do you. When you enter a lvl 40 area with your level 10 character, you die in 1 second. When you go to a level 5 area with your level 50 character, you kill in 1 second. It's not like in GW2 where you level down to the level of the area.

3. Guilds usually are players that help each other out, like with crafting and advice and such. Also, some content is more fun if you group with the same people, when you ask in chat, you might get very, very bad players. Or players that are very rude.
As a new player, joining a guild would be smart, they will explain you all sorts of stuff!

4. Ask around
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