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10.08.2012 , 07:51 AM | #11
We've tried repeating the purple phase like Dulfy does in his videos and it wasnt working out for us at all. We did better having the blue dps burn down the first champion mob to 20% or so and leaving it for the healers and the tank to finish off. Doing this the first mob was dead or less than 5% when the second one spawned. One thing we did notice is the cast time for the person pressing the button is 5 seconds shorter than the phase time. So what we did is have the person pressing the button stop the channel after the first core was down and restart it. B/c we were failing. After we figured this out it went much smoother and we finished the yellow phase with 10 seconds left. PPl were getting insta gibbled in the next phase tho and i'm not 100% sure why im thinking it was b/c they didn't kill there probes.

I'm aware that the probes give you a debuff. What I'm not aware of is what the debuff does. Does it protect you form some sort of Aoe that he puts out in the second phase? Or is the debuff for when the ppl get the color under them and the corresponding color has to go stand on them. if it is the later if one person kill's both probes does this mean they are responsible for going to stand on the guy with the color at his feet? If anyone could help it'd be very helpful. Killed the first 2 bosses in HM in about 45 min without ever seeing it before and have been stuck on this boss for god knows how long.