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10.08.2012 , 07:41 AM | #68
^^^ Yeah, Revan is a very polarized character in the Star Wars community. People either love him or hate him. However, I see way more Revan and Revanite bashing on these forums than anything else. "I hate revanites, they argue against cannon", "Revanites are so stupid, we have facts". Well, facts and cannon or not, that is still trolling in the sense that it provokes people that like Revan into arguing. Either that or they are part of that Star Wars Elitist, ego-stroking crowd that gets off on showing everybody else up with their uber knowledge of every fact and cannon in Star Wars.

I sense this topic is more about the bashing than it is about cannon and facts; otherwise, the topic maker wouldn't have had the nerve to respond to all the sharp criticism that rears its head all the time.

This topic is more of a response to a sentiment ubiquitous on the forums more than it is a statement.