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10.08.2012 , 07:25 AM | #28
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The lastest patch (1.4.0b) fixed up the SLI issue, I had to, however turn off v-sync because there was still stuttering... so, instead of 60FPS, I'm getting 100FPS. Also running in Fullscreen and not Fullscreen (Windowed)

Here's how I have NVCPL:
Didnt solve the stuttering, but .. wow dude .. you helped my game to work way more proper!
Before these graphic-options, parts of the environment (like on the fleet, the holograms and cantina-visitors) always turned invisible. Now they are always there, no matter on which distance I move. Hopefully it stays like that!

Alright, it helped for the first but.. turned out that it didnt help that much as I've expected.