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Revan like most characters tends to be.....

Somewhat Overrated by their biggest Fans
Somewhat Underrated by their biggest critcs

However, I will say that Revan seems to be more extreme than most - Where he is VERY Overrated by a lot of his fans and VERY underrated by a lot of his critics.... (although I would tend to say that the Overrating is probably the greater factor )

however, I am still finding that there is probably still quite a lot of key information out there about him that we don't know (which people tend to fill in the gaps with opinion) -

For instance - talking of Duelling - can someone actually tell me Canonically which Lightsaber form/form(s) Revan was trained in - and to what degree?
It is pretty hard to really accurately assess a (Duelling) matchup with him vs whoever without this kind of info for a start......

Although, I am not a subscriber of the PT Jedi beating everything before them - (I won't get into the details for a long debate)...
But lets say I match up Ki Adi Mundi vs Exar Kun...... I would give that matchup to Exar Kun..... and he was a Sith Lord of an era BEFORE that of Revan - to me it is still more about the specific individual.......
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