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Meanken was annoyed. By all rights, he should have been happy. He had finaly gotten away from imperial intelgence, with no strings attached. No having to deal with squads of assassins, no having to watch his back every day, he was free, and was about to be in what was sure to be a bloody war. and yet.......

Something wasen't right. something Mean had left mandalore's command room, standing out in the hallway, and was furiously sharping his knife, to the point where he sometimes caused sparks to fly off of it. Then it hit him, what was off.

It was Zero

He got a good chuckle out of that. He had been working with her for around 14 years, and the two had rarely been seperated for long streches of time. It made sence. After all, the empire never really trusted him, he was sure, and wanted an eye on him at all times. Now that he was free of them, it was no longer nessary to be chained to her. He could just walk out right now, and never bother dealing with her again.

But for some reason, he coulden't bring himself to do it. He had a hard time putting his finger on why. He guessed it may have been because they had experence working together, and being with her was more efficent, but that propably wasen't it. he had plenty of experence working alone, and diden't need another person to help him. then it occered to him, the only reason that really made sence.

He was in love with her. Odd, he thought. He had honestly thought he was incabable of giving a damm about anyone else. But, it was true. He only hoped blast had managed to cure her of her annoying loyalty to the empire, her only really big negative point. He looked at his watch. They should be back soon, it coulden't be that hard to capure one guy, and Zero was always good at planning on the fly. he would deal with this when she returned