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10.08.2012 , 06:40 AM | #3
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1. backpedalling

I feel like if you so much as touch the S key you will get called out for backpedaling because you really didn't backpedal too much.

2. you cast Crushing darkness? use instead proc Wrath and its instant ... prolly bad build?

You should probably check your build he's right on this one.

3. i never seen you used extrication in huttball

Probably because you don't get that skill until you're level 42.
Overall well played and I like the jams :P. I really liked how you threw out bubbles and heals to your teammates, I don't see a lot of sorcs doing that especially in lowbie.

You survived with 6 health at one point that was awesome.

P.S. LOL 8:00 @ the bad assassin going into stealth and letting you pick the ball up...when I played baseball as a kid I remember the coaches always saying don't be afraid of the ball, guess he never got the memo.