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It is just [definitely not wise] from your part , Bioware... How could you possibly managed to broke the MECHANICS of the boss fight of FP that you never mention in your patch notes..
The second boss - Jindo Krey (the one with a starship) now has extra hard mode.. The Starship cant be destroyed!
lol.. And to the end of the fight it starts spamming the +200%, +400% Damage that cant be prevented.. lol..
So the only workaround is to DPS the boss as fast as you can and pray that you will kill him faster than group will wipe..

The old bugs are still there also.. Say that you remain in battle after kill all the mobs in one area..
That Malgus is «jumping back» being thrown over the ledge.. So you should knock back him to the abyss twice.. lol...

That is so folly.. so folly..
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