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Auch wenn ich mich wahrscheinlich zum Feind mache^^

Im Englischen forum geht eine interessante naricht herum:

To Derkae as the thread manager and anyone else concerned with the legitimacy of boss kills:

It has come to our attention that an encounter-breaking bug exists on the last boss, TfB. This was pointed out to us on our kill video as being a possible bug, and after thorough testing and contacting a developer, it has been confirmed that this is not intended in the encounter, and in fact makes the fight itself much much easier than intended. Other competitive raiding guilds are also aware of this bug, claiming that it may be "impossible" to kill the last boss without exploiting this bug (as it so happens, with pre-1.4 gear, exploitation of the bug is currently unavoidable, should a kill take place). While I may not agree that it's impossible, as stated by the developers: it is highly unlikely that the number of guilds that have taken out this encounter on hard mode will be able to replicate the kill after the bug has been fixed, certainly not with as much ease.

That being said, do what you will with the current kill rankings, but would like to invite any interested guilds into friendly competition to race for the TfB kill come Tuesday (or whenever this bug is first fixed). We understand that for many, the race for the hard mode clear is already over and attention is being spent elsewhere, and we certainly would not like to undermine the accomplishments of any guilds (or our own), especially given that this bug could not be helped and it was essential to killing the encounter in it's current state.

Should the competitive end-game operations community, or at least those involved with the progress tracking in this thread, be interested in acknowledging this as an official restart on the final boss kill rankings, then we fully support that, but we understand if the extent of this challenge is to be unofficial in nature.

Again, congratulations are in order to all the guilds that have managed to make it so far in 1.4 hard mode operations as it stands, and we would like to thank Derkae again for managing this thread and providing us with a means for nurturing competitiveness within the community. We look forward to hearing everyone's opinion on this!

Considering my guild is still working on TFB 16-man HM you can take my stab in the dark with a pinch of salt.
From watching every TFB HM vid on youtube, i'm gonna take a guess at the bug that these guys are talking about.

P2 boss starts at 50%. 6 Tentacles in P2, 5% each. But if the boss enrages before the last tentacle is killed the boss gains 200% damage multiplyer buff which unintentialy buffs the boss hp drop from the tentacle kill. From watching the MOX kill you can clearly see the boss lose 5% when the tentacle is killed at 8.22 but when the boss is enraged at 14.40 you can see the boss lose 10%.
(You're welcome for the free plug! and i enjoyed the vid thoroughly)

The strat used was clearly very smart as to reduce the hp in the burn phase to a managable amount, it's just a shame bioware once again failed to deliver polished content.

Man kann ganz deutlich erkennen, dass ein Bug ausgenutzt wird um den Boss zu killen, wie auch schon beschrieben wurde. Nun kann man natürlich keiner Gilde mit Screens nachweisen, dass sie diesen Bug nicht ausgenutzt haben, zu Mal dieser wohl schon seit dem PTS bekannt zu sein scheint. In wie weit TFB 5/5 HM nun noch berechtigt ist, ist die Frage.

Nur Mal so um euch zu informieren