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Hey Everyone,

Just want to let everyone know that the Four One Nine guild is actively seeking new members to bolster our ranks for active PVE raid progression. We aren't the largest guild around but have been playing consistently since launch slowly progressing in raid content, and are looking for players that want a laid back and casual raiding guild. We don't restrict on player class or layout. We will welcome new players as well as experienced and geared players. If you are interested in knowing more, or wish to have a trial run with our guild, please email me at, in game message to Spinikar or reply to this thread.

Thanks and see you in game.

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Brief History

The Four One Nine was born during the Oceanic 419 Squadron beta test, and our founding members are made up from players who played in that beta test. We have been playing together since before launch and have so far progressed in completing all raids in SM, including TFB. We are still working on EC HM and TFB HM, but are in no rush to complete content. We take it pretty casually.
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