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10.08.2012 , 05:27 AM | #71
Not this debate again... Clearly, obviously and undeniably Mercs/Mandos are NOT fine. Anyone and everyone claiming they are has big fish in small pond syndrome. Either their competition is very bad, or they are very good, and/or perhaps a mix of both. Play a properly viable class and I will guarantee you will perform 10x better as you did with your Merc/Mando, both experience and gear being equal.

Still stubborn and in disbelief? Find an EQUALLY geared and EQUALLY skilled player of the following classes and ask them to duel you: Shadow Jedi/Assassin, Sentinel/Marauder. I can guarantee that they will not only mop the floor with you but dance circles around you. With our recent changes, the remaining classes are "manageable"
in the hands of an extremely competent Merc/Mando. I use the term manageable here very loosely.

As for the Ranked Warzone viability, we have very little if any, one could argue we provide DPS, debuffs and Knockbacks but all of these are vastly overshadowed by a Gunslinger/Sniper; which also happen to not have the gross and preposterously obvious vulnerabilities we Mandos/Mercs have. I stuck with my Commando for a long time and played it at the highest levels of competition this game can allow, solo, grouped and even Ranked play, although my team supported me and commended my efforts as I managed to excel despite the dysfunctional state of the class, it was undeniable that I had reached the skill cap of the class and it's potential at it's cap falls vastly short of end game PvP viable. I reluctantly re-rolled shortly after, both my team and I were astounded at the difference as I completely out performed and overshadowed anything I did and could have done on my Commando on my newly fond FOTM abominations: Powertech and Sentinel. I am in the midst of leveling a Shadow Jedi and can say it will soon join the pack and leave my former main and love, Commando, sleeping in the dust.

Unfortunately we Mercs/Mandos just don't have the tools to be Ranked/End Game PvP viable at the moment. Our DPS as Gunnery is great but we are vulnerable and extremely easy to shut down, thus it drops to negligible numbers. Our mobility as Assault is unparalleled but our kiting ability was butchered and DPS remains tame, no where near fearsome, these two coupled together in a Ranked Match equate to a bee without a stinger, or a dog humping your leg, annoying but not deadly.

Lastly FOTM is not the answer, re-rolling is not an acceptable solution to a broken class problem. Although I succumbed to it's gross necessity, I will not continue to do so again, if it continues I will soon quit and find a game with semblance of balance. I am sure I am not the only one.