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Really? My alt is a infiltration spec shadow and personally I found it easier on her the first time than I did my sawbones. Of course I had already seen the fight 3 times on my sawbones, but we are talking shadow dps here. Force speed, resolve and more than one interupt made the that fight simple. Stayed behind the bot and follow it around the room as the tank kited it as I backed the tank up on interupting everything and anytime I starting taking damage, I popped defensive cooldown or force speed out of the way and used Project and Force Brech to continue my DPS. 1 shot, fun fight.

It is the same stuff I heard on not putting melee on Jarga in HM or NIM mode KP. First time I got stuck on Jarga was in NIM, I was scared to death because of everything I had read, but we 1 shotted it and I took the 3 least damage of the entire groujp. We even had to slow down dps because to let the two sentinals on sorno catch up, something I never thought possible with a shadow and commando on Jarga. Melee dps can do anything and I will say just as easily as melee, if they know the fight and know their abilities and are willing to adapt them to the fight. If someone is a 1,2,3 rinse and repeat rotation player, then yes it is more difficult, but I guess I am not that type player. I will say playing other classes help. Playing mainly as a healer helps my damage reduction as a dps and playing dps helps me know when and where to expect damage as a healer.
Yeah, Shadow is sorta different with a 10 meter interrupt and Force Speed.

Jarg never really struck me as melee-unfriendly. The Fabricator droid hates on them more, what with those explosive charges.

But every fight in every MMO will have some inherent advantages towards ranged. It cannot be helped, really, but all developers must strive to reduce that advantage to a minimum. I mean, beating the "colour boss" in TFB would probably be impossible with four Operative DPS as they just wouldn't get over to the other side to the other generator in time But it's an extremely unlikely scenario and the rest of the melee DPS classes should have no problems on that fight, for example.