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Mercenaries have 30-meter interrupts every 12 seconds. In this scenario, for every one you interrupt, that same person cannot get the next two. With that in mind and in your case, have one healer interrupt, then the other healer, then the DPS. Once you get the first three down, the rest of the interrupts are simple because everyone knows when it's their time to interrupt: When your ability is back up! In other words, keep tabs on your cooldown timer.

Focus on your interrupts first, then you have over 12 seconds to do whatever you need to do (i.e. heal or DPS) before having to do it again.

We do a 4/2/2 composition where it's a Tank/DPS/DPS/DPS, Tank/DPS, Heals/Heals interrupting their respective droids (we have a tank start by attacking the healer droid to maintain initial threat). Ideally, the first droid will have zero stacks when downed, and the other droids will have at most three stacks (this is assuming Rakata gear) once the other three DPS goes to assist the Tank/DPS and the free Tank assists the Heals/Heals.

Keep in mind that downing the droids will be consistently longer than what it used to be in 1.3, so always keep note of where the Warstrider Battlewalker will be firing as they may be different from what you've been accustomed to.

If any droid ever gets to eight stacks, your group is simply incompetent or has internet access not meant for games like this. Basically, if you've ever fought the LR-5 Sentinel Droid in Lost Island or the Nightmare Pilgrim, you would understand how critical it is to interrupt Incinerate and Gore. It's okay to miss an interrupt; you just can't miss all of them. In this case, up to 8.
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