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Hey guys,

I am not good at crafting. I have several toons, with different crafting setups (most of which follow the guide for matching MIssion-Gathering-Crafting). ...
Which is mistake
Why? You loosing your gaming time.
Make 1 or 2 toons as pure gatherers, e.g. Bioanalyses, Scavenging, Archeology. Park them in rich mats area. This will save you tons of time. Lots mats nodes are just at one place, so you're able to use all 3 skills at one place and you dont have to run around like crazy. The gathering is superfast then.
Actually this is also a way how to make good bucks. On my server e.g. electrum - polyplast sell for 1-2k / piece. Scavenge one node (if you get 4x4) = up to 16k(max). But you see the point.
Have a look on GTN. Sell the high price mats and use the low level price mats for crafting - ther you have the biggest bang for your efforts.
What is problem to get for low levels character in e.g. armor? Belts, braces, boots .... find orange schematic - either form missions (e.g. underworld) or buy the schem off the GTN.
If you sell, Keep variety!
If you think you make 20 belts and get rich - mistake. Make 2 or 3 per piece and fill your GTN up to max 50 items allowed. The chance that someone's need is satisfied and customer buy something is much much higher ...
Think ...