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Right, after you choose your advanced class and complete the quest for doing it, as a quest reward you should get the offhand(s) which that AC uses.

When you chose your advanced class, did you go straight to the AC trainer or did you first pick up the quest?
If you didn't pick up the quest, go to the fleet and pick it up, the quest giver is on the main deck of the fleet, near the entrance where you arrived from Hutta/Korriban. The offhand is a reward from that quest.
If you did pick up the quest, first check whether you still have the quest in your quest log or not. Open the quest log either from the menu on the top of the screen, or press L (default keybinding).
If there are any rewards pending from a completed quest, you will have a button which is by default in the top left corner of the screen (just above your HUD quest log) which says something like "1 Pending". Click it to get the reward.

If you did pick up the quest, completed it, have no pending rewards, and still have not gotten the box which contains your offhand, you can open a ticket with customer support in-game by opening the support center and choosing "Create ticket". Customer support will then check why this has happened.
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