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Since they removed the requirement for WH weapons and reduced the commendations, it's actually possible to have
around 1,100 expertise as soon as you hit 50. (I'll have 1,103 which is 21.36% damage boost, 17.60 damage reduction, and 11.78% heal boost, and about 15.8k HP.)

Save up 3,500 Ranked comms.
Save up 2,000 Warzone comms.

Buy the WH mainhand which leaves you at 1,500 RWZ comms.
I bought the boots and headpiece with my WZ comms, which is 1,950 in total. Transfer the remaining RWZ comms over to WZ comms and buy the Battlemaster offhand for 1550. Or whatever piece(s) you want.

Honestly, the gear gap isn't that bad. It's your own fault if you're in a warzone without any decent gear.
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