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And yet, thats the point. TFB HM, is not designed for players who can't clear EC HM. It was stated that it would be more difficult than EC HM by the devs many months ago. [Awesome raid btw BW, I love all of the fights!]
If a player is casual, or is not in a progression raiding guild, then chances are they will do TFB SM, and maybe the first two bosses of TFB HM. The farther in you get, its intended that it has more incentive (Starts dropping variable pieces of desirable gear + hazmat). That is how it is supposed to be working, and to me makes perfect sense. If you really have no "motivation" to clear the 1st boss anymore, then you need to start seeing the value in clearing for fun, and gearing as well.
1 - Allready said before that i wasnt complaining bout ops design or how hard/easy they were. I love the new tactical design for TFB. That is totally out of the discussion here.
2 - If i wanted to clear stuff only for "fun" i wouldnt be playing an MMORPG. Fun for most of the gamers in MMORPG passes through upgrading your gear while waisting a effort/time on it. Atm the balance between upgrading gear vs effort/time is just beyond charts and that is no fun at all.

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As for "EC HM dropped two pieces of campaign per boss"!...
First boss and second boss had near useless belt & bracers. The only reason that it dropped more pieces was because there were less bosses in the tier (Counting Nightmare Pilgrim, 5 bosses). In this tier, with Nightmare EC, and TFB HM, there will 9 bosses, 8 of which drop Dread Guard. I really see no issue with that, as its much more content, time spent gearing etc. As well as that, EC HM was much too easy to gear toons in, as a result I now have 3 50's of various roles that not only have full augmented and optimized Campaign, they each have an offspec that is optimized campaign. With how gear is setup in TFB/NiM EC; that will be much much harder to obtain. Likely, by the time new content is released, my marauder will just be getting to full BiS. In my book, that is a much better alternative to "Hey, lets all have full BiS in a few weeks from BH/Campaign!". It really did bring back an incentive to doing the content longer, and I see no reason why you would be upset over the first boss dropping Hazmat, considering its totally puggable sans bad groups.
1 - Again, loot itemization was also not a part of this thread, we all agree that is awfully made but it isnt what were talking about in here.
2 - The solution of resending guilds to an old content to farm it again after we allready spent 2-3 months or even more farming it just to complement loot numbers on current content, is just lame. That isnt a solution at all and it doesnt make sense.
3 - TFB HM being totally puggable made me laugh, eheh!! You guys think just because your guild is good enough to clear the entire TFB HM content, than everyone must do it.
Get real m8, EC HM isnt yet accessible for pugs and TFB HM is even less. Hack, even LI HM isnt made for pugs yet.
Just because you guys are among the best in the world, it doesnt mean that every guild is like that.
In fact top world guilds are only 1-5% of the total numbers of guilds that can clear content that easy in every MMO.
Stop giving your top world guilds as an example. We arent measuring sizes here man, were talking about the fairness on loot numbers as a hole to the entire community and im pretty sure that hardcore numbers are by vast the smaller minority here, so look to the picture in its real size, not just your corner.
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