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I was under the impression that it interrupts current action in meaning that whatever ability they use next it interrupts that ability because it becomes the current action performed and it doesn't make sense when you fire off a disabling shot when there action is already performed.
Yeah, you\re mistaken. It does absolutely nothing against instants, and only interrupts a channeled or cast ability that is being used as you activate it (so if you see someone casting a heal, use it).

As such, it has absolutely no place in a rotation. It is a situational ability to be used to counter something that is happening in realtime. It's as crazy as putting concussive charge into your rotation. Just silly.

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I would say I'm at least in the top 10% of sentinels on my server. That's me being reasonable humble. I really, really don't agree commando as a class is crippled / weak or whatever. I don't get to win many 1v3s, which I've done regularly on my sentinel in regular wz (against poorly geared guys obviously)... But in terms of damage, kills, objectives, impact on the game.... I think my commando is doing fine.
So, how's your commando against the top teams in rated WZs? Got any videos?
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