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For those who complain about commando.. Do you play any other classes?

If you're dominating on those instead but struggle at commando.... Well, maybe you have a point, or maybe you're just better suited for a different style of play.

If you don't dominate, what's your frame of reference for saying commando is weak?

I would say I'm at least in the top 10% of sentinels on my server. That's me being reasonable humble. I really, really don't agree commando as a class is crippled / weak or whatever. I don't get to win many 1v3s, which I've done regularly on my sentinel in regular wz (against poorly geared guys obviously)... But in terms of damage, kills, objectives, impact on the game.... I think my commando is doing fine.
My other 50 is a Shadow that I run in Hybrid spec. I also have a 46 Sentinel and a 31 Sniper. I know lowbie is, in many ways, a different ball game, but figured I'd give full disclosure for my frame of reference. My Sentinel I play in combat spec, and my Sniper is so far in full marksman spec so a stationary ranged turret.

On my shadow my damage is a little less, but my actual contribution I feel is much higher. I am able to solo guard/stall on off nodes, reliably pressure the enemy's off nodes, can win 1v1s reliably against opponents even when they're better geared than I am, and can even win 1v2s against similarly geared opponents. My Shadow is currently in fully augmented battlemaster (well...PVE Stalker with BM mods), and elite war hero weapon. In Hutt Ball I can serve as a carrier, stealth into the endzone for passes or guardian leaps, and I have force pull to pull clutch moves on defense. I tried out Infiltration Spec for a week or so following 1.4 where obviously I lost a good chunk of the utility, and I was pretty squishy and much more limited range, but the damage was higher than what my commando has ever been able to put out on average.

This brings us up against playstyle, except my sniper just absolutely dominates lowbie warzones, and I don't see that becoming significantly worse as I get more tools. I feel like my sniper also has the survivability to at least reasonably stall on an off node, the burst is incredibly sick, and Flash Grenade packs more team utility than all of DPS Commando's utility combined.

In terms of damage at the end of the game my commando seems to put up decent numbers assuming my team didn't just get completely rocked (because a Commando by themselves is a dead commando). I can never force an uneven trade on the the capture the objective maps, cannot reasonably solo guard anything, and can't even THINK of engaging the enemy unless they're all already engaged by others, and that is immensely frustrating. The second I get looked at I fold like a cheap card table unless the player in question is very poor.

I would say that I very rarely ever "dominate" on any of my classes. I am not a good player. But on other classes, including another ranged turret, I feel like I can at least contribute to victory in a meaningful way. On commando I feel like I work ten times harder to produce damage that I'm never actually sure contributed to anything at all, while producing no other meaningful intangible that contributes to victory. My best performance on commando always comes when I'm with a team that was probably going to win with or without me.

Quote: Originally Posted by Asturias View Post
It interrupts there abilities that they are trying to use and it works against Charge/Leap/Throw saber or whatever you want to call it and by using Unload it prevents them from running up on me along with all the other utilities I have. Pyro is another great spec with hit run kiting abilities.

Mercs were lacking without a interrupt ability and I have seen a great deal of improvement with the new changes.

The only complaint I have is if only rocket punch maintained the knock back affect with the immobilized effect. Other than this I am happy

What more do you want but I will give you this "Mercs do have a higher learning curve than any other class out there". It truly is a advance class to play in terms of mechanics and situations and I like that. I wouldn't of played it for so long if it was pure easy mode.
Wow, ok. Yeah you should know that interrupts quite don't work like that. Interrupts do nothing against leaps/charges or instant abilities to my knowledge. They're useful for stopping casted abilities that don't have some sort of attached interrupt immunity like Ravage.

Also high learning curve doesn't mean fun. I prefer to play classes with lots of tools they can use. Commando isn't hard to play because it has so many tools you have to employ. It's hard to play because it has so FEW tools to use, and the most effective tool is "the enemy team is retarded".
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