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What exactly do you think an interrupt does? The thing does nothing against instant abilities, and for that matter it does nothing against Ravage/Master Strike is uninterruptable. It's not an incapacitate or anything. There could be any number of contributing factors (for example, Focus spec is much squishier than other specs in either knight AC, and everyone and their mother is focus spec). Your screenshots prove less than nothing since they don't even tell us WHO you soloed.

Still waiting on that video dude. No, I'm not going to come to your server and level a toon to 50 just to try and pick up tips. You've never even tried to post what you do. Just screenshots. Post a guide yo. Also I've said it before, I'll concede right now that you're an incredible player but that doesn't make the class fine. You'd still be doing way way better on a class with the tools to do it's job properly, and we both know Commando/Merc ain't it.

You want a post patting you on the back for sticking out the PVP game on hard mode? I'll give it to you, along with a slap upside the head for being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn (which fine, whatever, it's your time) and then coming off like there's nothing at all wrong with the class. Are you mental? I'm glad you can stick it out, but in the meantime I would like to play my commando, but PVP is just a never ending teeth grinding hair pulling frustration for me on the class, even when I can seem to eek out good damage for it.
It interrupts there abilities that they are trying to use and it works against Charge/Leap/Throw saber or whatever you want to call it and by using Unload it prevents them from running up on me along with all the other utilities I have. Pyro is another great spec with hit run kiting abilities.

Mercs were lacking without a interrupt ability and I have seen a great deal of improvement with the new changes.

The only complaint I have is if only rocket punch maintained the knock back affect with the immobilized effect. Other than this I am happy

What more do you want but I will give you this "Mercs do have a higher learning curve than any other class out there". It truly is a advance class to play in terms of mechanics and situations and I like that. I wouldn't of played it for so long if it was pure easy mode.
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