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10.07.2012 , 11:23 PM | #35
Disclaimer: I have six level 50 toons and currently leveling my gunnery to lv40; i.e. yet to play a merc in 50 bracket. I am enjoying on my gunnery more so than my lightning sorc (possibly just cosmetic reason). So will likely to spend a lot of time pvping on it.

I feel that merc is not intended to be a very mobility class.
Range + mobility = potential imbalance (range can already hit anyone in 30m radius)
Operative and Powertech (both with limited range abilities) are intended to be the mobility classes.

Melee classes are meant to charge to you. It will be no fun if a rdps can kite them all day. So I am disagreeing with making TM/Grav cast on the run.

Agree that some slight changes are need to help lift gunnery/Arsenal.

I suggest buffing FlameThrower/PulseCannon. Maybe reducing CD and extra damage to emenies who are subject to heatsig/grav. The reason is that the damage from merc is decent from range but it can get shut down by a melee too easily. A buff to a close range ability will act to balance it.

Another suggestion is a damage reduction debuff applying from RocketPunch/stockstrike.